Saturday, April 1, 2017


The fellow, or female? with the hat and the full lips joined me about a month ago. Then I re-discovered this activist looking guy. I thought the two could complement each other, since one is filled with nutrition and the other is a risky indulgence, whose nutritional value is suspect. But each one seemed to me to be adventurist enough to do one another good in some way.

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Here's a crew I put together from two different packaged foods and they seemed to like their participation. I think the ladies liked the little guy. And the longer they stay together, the more they appear to enjoy one another's company. So, here they are for your viewing pleasure.

PS-Just a reminder: My art is on exhibit along with 35 other artists at the American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland ( until September 3rd of this year.

 - As an aside: My son David and his band, "The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die" went to see the exhibit and all the other attractions under three buildings and around the grounds situated across the street from Federal Hill Park and the Baltimore Harbor. There's lots to see.
 - By the way, if I aroused your curiosity (on purpose) about the band, you can go to the band's facebook page and see pictures and get information about the band and their tour dates.

Monday, January 30, 2017


I thought these Supreme Dancers from a Supreme Pizza would make an appropriate opening into the month of February, with Valentines Day highlighting this, my favorite month. Love is in the air and apparently on the dance floor. In fact, I'm contemplating bringing in another couple entering the dance floor, though in another place and time. I think I'll save them for Valentine's Day.
     Keep on dancing and if you haven't - START! It's great exercise, you can choose anyone of many dances, from Salsa to the Waltz. And it's a great excuse to hold a warm body closely.

Saturday, December 31, 2016


HAPPY NEW YEAR - When I first saw these two orange heads I could tell they would be destined to become friends, if only I would give them bodies to get around in.
     Drawing their bodies in was my way of contributing to their friendship, as opposed to giving them bodies made of oranges.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL - May the peace we all wish for be with you all. Thank you to those who've been to see my exhibit at the American Visionary Arts Museum, in Baltimore, Md. And those who've not seen it still have until the end of September, 2017.
    Here's my holiday entry: The Wonder Of Christmas.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


During these days of slipping and skidding into unfamiliar political ground, I happened to find this diverse group of characters on a pizza with a variety of toppings. It was a Supreme style pizza with veggies and meats; a tasty and colorful concoction. I took some risks in cutting out my characters, as I wasn't really too sure where I was going and allowed my subconscious mind to guide me in finding this distinct and differing group of individuals.

Friday, October 28, 2016


I found this guy trying to escape from this pepperoni and sausage pizza we'd gotten for dinner. So I proceeded to be his accomplice in this Great Escape because I couldn't just stand by and watch him struggling to free himself from this tasty, though messy and formidable prison that kept him from freedom. Then, while I turned to get a plate for him to jump to safety on and not fall to the floor, he was gone. But, miraculously, I happened to get this picture before losing sight of him. I can only hope he made it to safety.