Monday, February 25, 2013

A Word About Pareidolia

When I began using food packaging for seeking out pareidolia for this blog I would find the individual images and place them in a composition. But, more and more I find it interesting to find incomplete images, such as a limb or a face and then go on to look for images to combine with them to form a larger composition. A good example of this is my Columbus day (October 2012) entry  where I used pop corn found in a photograph on a box of popping corn to form Columbus' face and beard. Then I fashioned a hat and cape coat from images found on a box of tacos.

     It always amazes me how features such as a nose or an eye can be found within a photo of something like a bunch of pop corn. The fact that without any 'touch up' whatsoever on my part, but merely cutting in the right places, an image emerges as though it had been placed there for the picking. I would encourage anyone to look closely at designs in carpeting, rugs or other furnishings to see what works of art may be hiding within textures man made or even or especially in nature. Clouds are the first to come to mind, although I've seen interesting forms appear in trees while traveling along a tree lined road.             

Cheery Meets Crackers

Cheery looks on, as this little cracker guy runs over a cracker to locate his cracker pup.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

R U What U Eat?

This is my Ziti warrior dressed for action in tomatoe sauce, meat and shredded cheese.